Each client we serve in business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations wants to make a difference for the better. Whether you are an executive, manager, or a leader of a larger group who needs coaching, we can help you have a greater impact through authentic, socially responsible, and inspired leadership that is aligned with your values. We begin with the individual and take into account your team, organization, and community, using a systems approach.

Influential and effective leaders have a vision and inspire others to be their best, no matter where they are on an organizational chart. We believe that people do their best work in a compassionate, non-judgmental, safe environment—and we model that during our work with you. In this respectful workplace climate, individuals can act on their inspiration with integrity to create powerful and positive results and achieve a sense of genuine accomplishment.

Through our individual and group Inspiration into Action® coaching, strategic facilitation, organizational consulting, and leadership programs, our clients learn to collaborate dynamically with colleagues and partners, and achieve successful outcomes for their teams and organizations. With each engagement we also consider ways to strengthen socially responsible business practices.

We bring our passion for people, the planet, and performance to each and every engagement.

For further information, call us at 510-233-0580 or send Barbara Chan Consulting an email.