We provide a safe space for executives and leaders to build their leadership skills, develop strategy, understand the changing global environment, strengthen their organizations, and build a legacy that aligns with their values.

Our services include:

  1. Assessments to provide benchmarks for measuring progress
    We begin most engagements with individual and/or organizational assessments to use as a benchmark. Our menu of survey tools assess qualities such as leadership and organizational effectiveness, cultural sensitivity, conflict management skills, behavioral style, and sustainable business practices.
  2. Leadership development strategies to increase individual and organizational effectiveness
    Our customized leadership development services may include:

    • Executive coaching to help leaders refine the skills they need to perform at the top, while remaining nimble, true to their values, and able to inspire their employees, customers, and stakeholders.
    • Organizational consulting to enhance each team’s ability to meet its targets and work well together. We use a systems approach to address communications, business processes, and organizational culture.
    • Leadership development programs to help leaders and managers build a strong personal foundation based on their values and vision, access cultural empathy, and become more aware of their impact on people and the environment.
  3. Strategic facilitation to increase collaboration and problem-solving
    We offer facilitation services for strategic planning meetings, board meetings, conference sessions, public forums and other high impact gatherings. Our dynamic and visual facilitation process creates a culture of listening and appreciation that reaches across cultures and functional silos, reduces conflict and leads to stronger teams and collaborative organizations with members who understand and value themselves and each other.
  4. Private coaching to achieve greater fulfillment in life and work
    Seasoned professionals engage us for one-on-one coaching in person or by phone to address personal and professional issues, explore new opportunities, and achieve breakthroughs in work and life. Our compassionate coaching service offers an integrated approach that helps bring inner values and passions into full flower.
  5. Seminars and talks to inspire and motivate
    Companies and organizations engage us to foster productivity and actuate strategic change. Topics include: Embrace Change; The Leadership Challenge for Social Responsibility; Juggling Life, Family and Work; and Delicious Dilemmas—Change Your Thinking, Change Your Results

For a free consultation, contact us at 510-233-0580 or use the contact form on this site. We’ll discuss your situation and needs—confidentially of course—to determine how we can help.