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Sustainable Success in 2013

“We hired this guy because his resume looked good and he interviewed well. But now he’s not working out,” said the CEO. “This is the second bad hire for key positions that we’ve had in the past 6 months. We are trying to grow, but this is causing me trouble. We’ve got ambitious plans for 2013. What to do?”

How often have you found yourself challenged with hiring and retention?

To learn how to hire better, read on…

Some hiring managers think that if the job candidate has credentials, worked previously in the same industry as their business, or is green at heart, the applicant will make a great hire.

Unfortunately, they discovered that this is not always the case.

Every time a company has to let an employee go because s/he wasn’t working out, there’s a costly impact on recruiting, onboarding, productivity, management and morale. Remaining employees wonder if they’ll be next on the chopping block. The collective anxiety often leads to higher stress, lower productivity, and poor morale among employees.

When people in key positions are let go because they weren’t working out, the cost is even higher at the strategic and financial levels.

Have you added up the cost of mis-matched hires?

The solution to this dilemma is to hire right. During the time we worked together, the CEO and his hiring managers learned how to remove their blind spots from screening, interviewing and onboarding professionals for key positions. As a result of hiring the right people for key positions, performance, productivity and morale improved.

Sustainability is about more than being green. People make the business. Hiring right is the first step to creating sustainable business success.

As a confidential thought partner, I’ve been helping leaders move beyond change to embrace the extraordinary since 1986.  To learn how to get better results through people, click here to book a complimentary consultation.

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